About Muscarian Softworks

Muscarian Softworks is a studio specializing in microgames, immersive web experiences, and tools to create them. Founded in 2018, the studio has released several games, including "Myelin: Escape the Spire," a procedurally generated mazelike MUD, and "Dissimilate II," a rhythm puzzler.

a pixelated cityscape with mushroom towers and a dirigible

The studio also has several unreleased games in development, such as "Mnemosyne," most aptly described as "a multiplayer web-based portal to a post-post-apocalyptic crystalline fungal hell-zone", and several untitled concepts.

Muscarian Softworks is currently operated by a solo developer/designer, with occasional consulting and commission work from other talented individuals. Our goal is to create unique, meaningful games and immersive experiences while also experimenting with new technologies and engaging with or creating cozy, niche communities.

The blog features posts offering insight into current works-in-development, post-mortems of existing games, and posts about game development in general, as well as some analysis and review of others' games.