A bed of fly agaric toadstools on a forest floor

Muscarian here.

Welcome to our little web home where we host our glistening projects and ideas.

What projects are those?

As of now, the ongoing projects are:

  • Mnemosyne, a tiny multiplayer online RPG set in a science-fantasy hellscape, featuring retro web graphics and turn-based combats, and
  • Ranvier-TS, a conversion of the text-based MMO engine Ranvier to TypeScript. This is the engine that provides the backbone for Mnemosyne.

Past projects include a number of small tools and modules, some found here related to Ranvier, and a few game jams spend learning Twine, Pico-8, and other engines.

Who are you?

Unless otherwise specified, assume that these posts are written by me, the lead dev/designer.

Currently, Muscarian Games is essentially a solo "studio", though I use "we" to indicate the highly collaborative nature of the projects which entail consulting and commissions from more talented folks.

What's the point?

I've been interested in games, simulations, and immersive experiences as a form of art for some time, and these are my attempts and ideas.

On top of that, this lets me experiment with technologies in a way that doesn't cost my employer money if I mess up.

I also enjoy the closeness and nicheness of the various games-related communities I've found myself in due to these projects.

It's kind of cozy, as Andrew Zigler points out in his post here.

Finally, there's some chance in the future that one of these games might get finished or otherwise take off somehow, and that would be cool, I suppose, or perhaps hellish.

What's on the docket?

For this blog, I have a few initial topics planned:

  • Implementing Utility AI and a Rulesets system in Mnemosyne
  • Setting up a custom schema API for the game's admin web panel
  • Getting into the more complex types needed for aspects of Ranvier-TS

And of course, anything else remotely interesting that comes up during development.

Beyond all of this, I hope to use this page to continue connecting with like-minded people -- game programmers, artists, designers, players, and anyone else who might be drawn to any of these topics. If you come across a post that you love, feel free to share it and @ me on Twitter. Same goes for anyone looking to collaborate on a project.

Thank you,

Muscarian Games